Dj Voodoo and The Liquid Method

EBTIH - 2022 Remixes
+ Dj Voodoo

From an early age, New Orleans native Frank Carlino, Jr (aka Dj Voodoo), has played his signature breakbeat and electro sound at local NOLA establishments as well as high visibility events across the country. DJ Voodoo’s roots as an electronic music artist may have been established at an early age, but it wasn’t until running a record store in the greater New Orleans area was his true calling emerged through the founding of ‘Black Magic Records’, by both Frank Carlino and Michael Scott Baldenhofer (aka The Liquid Method). Together their sound reached global status with their 1995 breakout hit “Everybody Thinks I’m High and I Am” on Black Magic Records.

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Title: Dance Nights 04

Label: LW Recordings (UK)

Release Date: 18 Oct 2010


Echosphere - Pulse (Electro House Remix) included on LW Recordings' Dance Nights 04 (LWDN04) compilation (UK) due out Oct 18, 2010.


DJ LIQUID's (ascap) Dancing Barefoot licensed through SOCAN in Canada for Q1.

Dancing Barefoot is a song from Dj Liquid's Remix Project Vol 2 cd (JOU452 - Journees Music).


DJ LIQUID (ASCAP) was recently licensed in the Netherlands for a Japanese Techno project Alt Suicide.

Here is a link to the archived mix by DJ WHO (Chip Watkins). This is the real freakin' deal and not for the timid. The mix is in the downloads section of our site, now.


JOURNEES has partnered with Eos Music Corporation, provider of Eos, a new background music service for business. We are a sister company to Applied Media Technologies Corporation/AMTC Business Music Corporation, which has been partnered for five years with Sirius XM Satellite Radio, representing Sirius XM for businesses wanting to use satellite radio as business background music. We have created Eos as a new alternative to Sirius XM, as well as to our principal competitor Muzak. Eos will feature music from independent artists/labels, and is intended to be the most affordable service in the market.

Word on the streets is that there's some new mixes dropping of the underground anthem - ECHOSPHERE (Damon Downs and Kat Banks) - Pulse.

Confirmed for duty is Skylab 2000, Liquid Method (Michael Scott, Dj Denomixx), Mike Minjares (Dj Darkness), Dj Liquid, Moda, Rob-E & Security, Echosphere, Brian Knarfield and more special guests tba.

Also in the pipeline are some all-new tracks by Echosphere, Rob-E & Security, Dj Liquid and more. O yeah - sexxxayyyy

Our homie, Dmitri Ponce (Dmitri from Lower Haight, C.O.A.) was one of the major characters in this movie. An OG JOURNEES MUSIC (became Remix) "Submit" t-shirt was represented proper in the movie. Ok, so it was on the psychedelics maniac/ dealer - but hey.


Everybody Thinks I'm High and I Am 2022 Remixes

Dj Voodoo and The Liquid Method feat. Dj Darkness