+ Dj Voodoo

From an early age, New Orleans native Frank Carlino, Jr (aka Dj Voodoo), has played his signature breakbeat and electro sound at local NOLA establishments as well as high visibility events across the country. DJ Voodoo’s roots as an electronic music artist may have been established at an early age, but it wasn’t until running a record store in the greater New Orleans area was his true calling emerged through the founding of ‘Black Magic Records’, by both Frank Carlino and Michael Scott Baldenhofer (aka The Liquid Method). Together their sound reached global status with their 1995 breakout hit “Everybody Thinks I’m High and I Am” on Black Magic Records.

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Shilo.Maggi -Diamora 2 (life in the undercity)

01. Max Cooper - Silicon Sleaze
02. Mary Jane - Sacred
03. Mark Henning - Supersonic
04. Joel Mull & Dustin Zahn - Bossa Nova (Panpot Remix)
05. Mark Broom - Loose Ends
06. Alter Ego - Queen Annes Revenge (Deepgroove and Jamie Anderson Remix)
07. DJ T - Dis (Kink Remix)
08. Paolo Mojo - Hes The Man
09. Zap - Mi Amigo (Electronic 2010)
10. Hugo - Born To Bop
11. Deepgroove - Annihilate (Remute)
12. Robert Dietz - Soup Opera
13. MRI - Die Stasikinder Vom Busbanhof
14. Anja Schneider Featuring Cari Golde - Something Left
15. And.Id - Isalos
16. Egbert - Haasten
17. Marco Bailey - Nova
18. Rino Cerrone - Fracture (Uto karem Smash Up Mix)
19. Mary Jane - Creeper (Enchanted Desert Remix)
20. Opiuo - Spanners

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