Dj Voodoo and The Liquid Method

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From an early age, New Orleans native Frank Carlino, Jr (aka Dj Voodoo), has played his signature breakbeat and electro sound at local NOLA establishments as well as high visibility events across the country. DJ Voodoo’s roots as an electronic music artist may have been established at an early age, but it wasn’t until running a record store in the greater New Orleans area was his true calling emerged through the founding of ‘Black Magic Records’, by both Frank Carlino and Michael Scott Baldenhofer (aka The Liquid Method). Together their sound reached global status with their 1995 breakout hit “Everybody Thinks I’m High and I Am” on Black Magic Records.

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Some clips from the Opulent Temple Massive (March 6, 2009), a Remix photoshoot and some stuff. I'm no pro video guy so quit with the hating. In fact I don't even own a camera so busters beat it.

Tagged in the vid are Alain Octavo, Jamie Lin, Ashely Crow, Hil Huerta, Eric Lee (me), Kat Reichmuth, Dulce Vita, Phil Vega, and more.

The music featured is Echosphere - Nothing At All (Simply Jeff's remix) and is used under license with compliments from Journees Music.

Journees was founded in 1991 in the San Francisco Bay Area as a clothing brand which enjoyed national and international success, growing as quickly as the movement that birthed it. Seeing an opportunity for growth, as well as opportunity to give a little something back to the people who supported them, the crew began including promotional mixtapes from their resident DJs, in orders for their clients. Taking inspiration from Southern California djs like Dj Dan, Ron D. Core, Jon Bishop and many more, and tempering it with the more psychedelic San Frandisco sound, Journees helped pioneer the acid infused West Coast Break sound. But why stop there?

In 1993 the clothing line was growing at such a staggering pace that the decision was made to launch a new brand, which came to be REMIX brand clothing, turning Journees into a dedicated music label, and the empire was born.

At this time Journees Music's focus was dialed in to focus primarily on the music ventures of the huge roster the team had put together over the years. Their days of underground mixtapes were fading away, and giving way to CDs, first underground (promotional, of course) then eventually fully licensed. Early mix CDs such as ElectroAcidFunk and The Remix Project series help solidify Journees' mark on the global dance music culture. The label expanded tremendously, later signing outside artists such as Vicious Vic, Chris Jackson, Dj Voodoo, Dj Demonixx, Dj Darkness, Echosphere to a hugely successful series of Mix CDs as well as (seeming) non-stop international tours.

Of course, the team couldn't sit idle when they weren't working on a new season's clothing line, or a new mix set. Releasing original tracks on vinyl, cd, and eventually digital distribution which included Sandy Rivera, Vicious Vic, Echosphere, Matt Mau, Simply Jeff, and many more was a regular occurrence. "With now over 100 releases under our belt we're just getting warmed up and appreciate your support over the past 20 years."


With peace and respects-

Journees Music family

Everybody Thinks I'm High and I Am 2022 Remixes

Dj Voodoo and The Liquid Method feat. Dj Darkness