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Artist: Many Names

Title: Back Again

Label: Journees Music

Catalog #: JOU535

UPC: 5054288071790

Release Date: 20 April 2024

Genre: Techno

ManyNames presents a captivating late-night floor filler on Journees Music, featuring a dynamic progressive bassline and an array of keyboard patterns. This track is guaranteed to ignite movement with its strategically placed vocals, ethereal sounds, and a perfectly timed breakdown before ramping up the energy once more. Enhanced by remixes from Rumblemunk, Eichef, Subjacent, and Shane Fontane, this release offers a diverse blend of House, Tribal, Techno, and Progressive genres, catering to a wide range of tastes. A must-have addition to any playlist, ensuring satisfaction for every listener fortunate enough to have it in their collection.



01 Original Mix

02 Rumblemunk Remix

03 Eichef Remix

04 Subjacent Remix

05 Shane Fontane Remix


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