"Muffler" is Konsta Tuomas Mikkonen from Finland. This young DNB artist had already produced a full album before signing to Sighco Records / RSMP. His first Drum 'n' Bass tracks for Sighco have been released on Urban Takeover. These 12" vinyl releases can be bought online from Nu-Urban or alternatively you can make your own CD using these tracks and others on the Urban Takeover website for the tidy some of £ 14 GBP. The first release has sold extremely well, received great reviews in "ATM (Atmosphere)" and "Knowledge" and has been caned by Grooverider, Kenny Ken, Friction, Bad Company, Fresh and Ed Rush, to name a few... The full CD from MUFFLER is called "Soundz of the Future" and is on Urban Takeover. New releases from Muffler are due on Friction's "Heavy Rotation" and on Moving Shadow.

Konsta has five releases on Alpha Magic. Under the pseudonyms Axis of Evil. and Unknown Soldier. Mail order from Red Eye Records, or Mail order from Chemical Records.

KONSTA .........
Also, 9th September under the pseudonym "Konsta", a 12" with "What I Need" and "Flirt", released by Hospital Records on their new "M*A*S*H label. "Flirt" will be in the Nu:Tone mixed CD "Hospital Mix # 3, a DnB selection, out early 2004 and a new track "Free Your Body" will be on "Weapons of Mass Creation" (Hospital) released in April 2004.

MUFFLER - "Wreck" / "Ominous". 12" on Disturbed Records. Early 2004.
MUFFLER - "Bad Jam"-"Moving"-"Cold World"-"Falling". 12" x 2 on Moving Shadow. Early 2004.
MUFFLER - "Message"/"Message (Tech Itch RMX)". 12" on Circle Recordings, USA.
MUFFLER - "Texas Chainsaw Massacre"/"Autumn". 12" on Night Recordings, USA.
MUFFLER - "Mind Control". 12" on Barcode / Trouble on Vinyl.
MUFFLER - "Platoon". 12" on Trouble on Vinyl.
MUFFLER - "Assault"/"Power". 12" on Metaphor Recordings, Canada/France.
MUFFLER - "Dawn of Time". 12" on Levitated Recordings, USA.
MUFFLER - "Gene Mutation"/"Light Shoes". 12" on Magic Vinyl, Germany.
MUFFLER - "Way of the Samurai"/"Showdown". 12" on Muffler Recordings/Urban Takeover-MUFF005.
MUFFLER - "Pain"/"Warmonger". 12" on Muffler Recordings/Urban Takeover-MUFF004.
MUFFLER - "Ruff Life"/"Emotive". 12" on Muffler Recordings/Urban Takeover-MUFF003.
MUFFLER - "Roll With U"/"Fire". 12" on Heavy Rotation-HR 06. March 2004.
MUFFLER - "SOUNDZ OF THE FUTURE". CD on Urban Takeover-URBCD001. July 2003.
MUFFLER - "Smasher"/"Pull Tricks". 12" on Muffler Recordings/Urban Takeover-MUFF002. June 2003.
MUFFLER - "Heaven"/"Sin". 12" on Muffler Recordings/Urban Takeover-MUFF001. June 2003.
MUFFLER - "Downfall"/"Nutcracker". 12" on Urban Takeover-URBAN 25. October 2001.
MUFFLER - "Last Straw"/"Bleak". 12" on Urban Takeover-URBAN 26. October 2001.
MUFFLER - "Somber"/"Fury". 12" on Urban Takeover-URBAN 19. March 2000.