DJ Liquid - Journees
(CD-JOU406/ LQD406)
Journees 1999
[Tech House Breaks]


Dj Liquid's debut full-length cd. Featuring some of the hottest underground artists available. This debut full-length release from Journees Music is an impressive declaration of Dj LIQUID's flourishing talent. Packed with an arsenal of over 77 minutes of progressive electronic sounds, this album includes special guests from coast to coast including Christopher Rayce aka Bahamut, Beatseed, Echosphere (Damon Downs, Kat Banks, Dj Scientist), Teknostep (producer with Roy Davis Jr.), Coppe', and Sara Campbell aka NRSHA. This collection offers a compilation of fierce tracks which explore the primacy of rhythm, manipulate a new genre of technology and create the phenomenon of a mesmerizing symphony. -iCon Promotions

Title Artist
Intro Coppe'
Sugar High Edit
Subculture Beatseed mix
Blue Spotted Frog Teknostep's XM Tekhouse mix
Wollop Da Trollop
Breakdown Damon Downs & Dj Scientist's Pong 2001 mix
Devils and Divas NRSHA's mix
The Blue Spotted Frog Echosphere's mix
Air Strike Chris Rayce's mix
Serpents Kiss
Techno Power Dub
Buddha Goa Breaks mix
Seven Years edit
Dreams Beatseed's reconstruction
Dreams Beatseed's Bonus Beats