DJ Voodoo - EletroAcidFunk 3
Journees/Black Magic 2000
[Elctro Breaks]

"Who the hell is 'Journees Music'? Well that's about the same question we had when this album popped out of our mailbox. Maybe the name "DJ Liquid" rings a bell. The man who mixed "Lithium Dreams" released on Starchild a year ago in a dreadful way. But, Eric Lee knows his mixing skills and it has to be said once more, that "Lithium Dreams" problem wasn't his fault entirely. "ElektroAcidFunk" is slightly different of what is being reviewed here generally, but that doesn't mean it isn't as good. Sure, the style is way different, there's no real "Trance" approach here, although several tracks lean perfectly towards the "Boris Blenn" way of living, in fact, they are better. They have punch, something Galaxy (or Blenn) missed about every time. The "ElektroAcidFunk" compilation does exactly what the titled commands: it takes you on a journey through a blending mix of pretty sucked up Elektro Techno, Acid Techno and yes, even some Funky influences now and then. Quite enjoyable is Andy Hughes' "Yummy" track with marvellous eerie guidance, as well as DJ Rob-E's "Listen" track. More experimental are The Funklab tracks, with an introduction to Acid and a general preparation of what's to come: BeatSeed's "Busted". Pure good old Acid Elektro! Most funky track - for us then - was DJ Liquid's own "Wollop Da Trollop" (and no we are not sucking up here). "ElektroAcidFunk 3" is definitely a try-out!!"

Tracklist:DJ HIp-E and Wutam - Third InputAndy Hughes - Yummy (Mr. Knight LifeÕs One mix)DJ Rob-E - Listne (KJÕs Bullfrog mix)Dj Liquid - Wollop da Trollop (Geo JavierÕs Getto Blaster mix)The Funklab - Smoke MarijuanaDj D-Love - How I Work ItThe Funklab - HallucinogenBeatseed - Busted (YakuzaÕs Ancient Chinese Secret remix)Dj D-Love - Break of DawnSubculture - Sugar High (Dj Rob-EÕs Phat Pharm remix)

Chris Gallagher - Can You Feel It? (Dj X mix)