Artist: Brian Seed 

Title: Loveshine

Label: Journees Music

Catalog #: JOU510

Release Date: 01 May 2012

Brian Seed has been a leading force in the Southern California electronic dance culture and has been Djing with the legendary Moontribe Collective since 1995, dropping sets at countless desert parties and tours. He's built a devoted international following and kept surprising and inspiring dancefloors worldwide-breaking down musical boundaries instead of being trapped by them.

Two mixes of Loveshine helps capture the acid-flavored breakbeats that pulsated through the Southern California deserts and beyond. A full moon may not be required to experience the special songs but your mind will likely bring you there, with the earth shaking below you. Bass is bliss.



01 Loveshine - Brian Seed's Moontribe Acid Dub

02 Loveshine - Original Mix


Original songs written and produced by Brian Golub.