Label: Journees
Catalog #: JOU474

UPC: 6 40687 04742 6

Format: Digital

Release Date: 10.10.06


Journees' master architect, Dj Liquid returns in style with his new album, Hyperfocus. A collection of carefully crafted electronic-based songs for the biggest boombox you can find... a mash up of acid, rhythm, bass with twists of turntables, guitar, vocals and a whole lot of love. (don't get it twisted, yo... this ain't hippie music).

Definition: Hyperfocus describes an intense form of mental concentration or visualization that focuses consciousness on a narrow subject, or beyond objective reality and onto subjective mental planes, daydreams, concepts, fiction, the imagination, and other objects of the mind.


01 Echosphere - Nothing At All (Dj Liquid's Alpha Male mix)

02 Mesmerize (feat Jamie Lin)

03 My Way (feat. Jamie Lin)

04 Revolution (feat Jillanne Ballard)

05 I'm Free (feat P. Pisarri)

06 From Heaven (feat. Colette & Phil) *

07 Boombox

08 Energy

09 Freedom (feat Natalie Love)

10 Yakuza - Enlightened (Dj Liquid's Illuminated mix)

11 Colette & Phil - Ascension (Dj Liquid's mix) *

12 San Francisco (Dj Liquid's Gonzo mix)

* Colette J. Burre & Phil J. Willett III appear courtesy of Mysterysong Productions (BMI)