Artist: Kemek

Title: 3 Miles From Space, 3 Miles from Earth

Label: Journees Music

Catalog #s:

JOU502 3 Miles From Earth

JOU505 3 Miles From Space

JOU506 Bundle (pictured)

Release Date: 20 March 2012

After some study, we have determined the transmission to be Kemek's newest LP, cryptically titled “3 Miles From Space”.  A time capsule from a future world, or an acidic breakbeat dance floor assault in an attempt to pacify mankind for the coming Utopian world shift? Only repeated listening will tell.

Kemek has made contact with Journees Music once again, this time delivering an aural artifact from some time in the future to March 2012. We believe the transmission to originate somewhere in orbit, 3 Miles From Earth.


3 Miles from Space

01 Dubplate Intro
02 Battle Experiment No. 62
03 Shibuya Acid
04 Deeper
05 Prismatic
06 Ghola
07 Computer Needs Acid
08 Drums in the Deep
09 Let Yourself Go
10 Strutter
11 Darkwave
12 Radiokemek

3 Miles from Earth
01 Future Modular Remix
02 Orpheus
03 Meiko
04 Radioclash*

All songs written and produced by Adam Douglas.

Associate Producers: Shilo Maggi, Thad Jones

(C) 2012 Journees Music.