ElectroAcidFunk Vol. 6

Label: Journees
Catalog #: JOU475

UPC: 6 40687 04752 5

Format: Digital

Release Date: 10.31.06

One-sheet (pdf)

The long-await debut, full-length mix album from New Orleans O.G. Dj Demonixx (previously known as the infamous Liquid Method with former Black Magic Records label mate Frank Carlino / Dj Voodoo). This mix album is a divine hybrid of some of the hottest breakbeat and electro-house tracks out of the underground with a special, supernatural remix treatment.

Dj Demonixx has been featured on several mix cds, tv shows (including Roswell, The Real World, etc), internet and satellte radio and much more.


01 Angel of a Death
02 tv roTz uR bRaiN
03 Echosphere - Nothing At All (Dj Demonixx Black Magic mix)
04 Rob-E & Security - Low Freak (Dj Liquid & Madame Mercury mix)
05 Yakuza - Enlightened (Dj Demonixx ElectroCore BleepVox mix)
06 Yakuza - Enlightened (Dj Demonixx ElectroCore Stripped mix)
07 Hallucination Generation (Original Roswell mix)
08 Yakuza - Enlightenment (Simply Jeff’s Understand It Dj Culture reconstruction)
09 Black Magic
10 Dj Liquid - Air Strike (Chris Rayce's Bahamut mix)
11 Cut it Up
12 Dj Liquid - Wollop the Trollop (Geo Javier's Expansion Union Ghetto Blaster mix)
13 The Blue Spotted Frog (Will Web’s Spaceship Bound for Miami mix)
14 I Can Feel It (feat. Dj Keri)
15 Dj Voodoo & Liquid Method - Everybody Thinks I'm High (Dj Demonixx Krakpipe mix)
16 Echosphere - Pulse (Sharaz remix)
17 Witch Doctor