DJ Demonixx
Still High

Label: Journees
Catalog #: JOU472

UPC: 6 40687 04722 8

Release Date: 06.06.2006 (doh!)

Format: Digital

In the mid 90s breakbeat dominated a large part of the electronic underground. One of the major forces was the Black Magic Records crew from the undead New Orleans hurricane territory. Black Magic was DJ Voodoo and Liquid Method. Liquid Method is now known as Dj Demonixx and these are 4 of his newest tracks... One of their breakout tracks was Everybody Thinks I'm High. This release features 2 new mixes of that song (The Final Chapter mix and the Krakpipe mix) plus 2 more succulent morsels, Hallucination Generation (Nu Skool mix - original mix featured on the Roswell tv show and others) and the Thanks for the Acid (Nu Skool mix).

1 Everybody Thinks I'm High (Krakpipe mix)

02 Hallucination Generation (Nu Skool mix)

03 Thanks for the Acid (Nu Skool mix)

04 Everybody Thinks I'm High (The Final Chapter)